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eh i’ve fallen for this guy and the kids and this show




its amazing how perfectly momo fits to be an otter.

DMMd ep. 2 - Mizuki

The setter is the team’s control tower! Sure, spikers are cool. But the setter tricks the enemy blockers. The setter tears down walls for the spiker. It’s difficult, it’s cool, it’s fun, and that’s the setter!

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favourite once upon a time outfits

→ 2.04 The Crocodile


Sengoku BASARA - The Way of Tea and Hot Water

Back at school Klepto and I spent quite a few years learning how to perform chanoyu or “Tea Ceremony,” which despite earlier origins, was popularized and perfected in the Sengoku Period when it was commonly practiced by daimyou and other wealthy people (Toyotomi Hideyoshi was actually one of the biggest benefactors of the development of chanoyu, haha.).  The style we learned is called Yabunouchi and is considered the most “masucline” style of tea due to its large gestures and utensils.  We later found out that it is actually the very style that Ishida Mitsunari practiced.  Of course were desperate to take a photoshoot in our tea room after that, and our wonderful Sensei was kind enough to permit us to use the space for such a silly purpose. I’m sad we aren’t allowed to show you the whole room but know that the real reason we made hakama was for these photos. 

Sasuke by TwistTieKlepto, Yukimura by Tacotits, Photos by SteveSteve


okami shiranui - lineless

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Sengoku BASARA Judge End

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Sengoku Basara: Judge End ~ Ep 01
The One-Eyed-Dragon ~ Date Masamune