Even if I cry, even if I smile, even if I hate, I'll live my life with love.

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about Yatoism?

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A deer that catches stars in its antlers


goodnight erryone!


Twitterもやってるよ。@nemaoffice 〜 根間タダシ

I’m on twitter as well. @nemaoffice 〜 根間タダシ

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Melina Marchetta, Saving Francesca

i am the last of my kind.

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don’t mistreat people who are sincerely kind

don’t use them for their generosity

and for fuck’s sake don’t take them for granted expecting them to always be there because they’re nice

good-natured people can be worn down so much that even they can become jaded

treat these people right

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Judal for pretty princess and actual magical girl godsavetheshotas!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ♥

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"All I want is to feel the water. With my skin, my eyes, my soul… To never doubt what it makes me feel. Believe in myself. Don’t resist the water. Welcome it. We accept one another."

haru requested by anonymous

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I'll survive, and I'll see her again.

For those who think Noel doesn’t care about Serah in LR.

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