Even if I cry, even if I smile, even if I hate, I'll live my life with love.


→ Fire & Air signs


→ Earth & Water signs

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スタ☆スカ | 七海 哉太

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Tsubasa, I made sure to engrave a star into my heart.
A star from you.
I’ll treasure it.

Starry Sky Aries/Aquarius


Official arts of Nanami Kanata

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Most reliable character

Tohzuki Suzuya

Happy birthday, Shiranui Kazuki! || 04.19

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Character you’d like as your (older) brother
Kazuki Shiranui

Happy birthday, Nanami Kanata! || 03.18

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Happy birthday, Nanami Kanata. I’m so grateful, because of your fictional existence, I got to know many people who have become my important friends. I’m not even exaggerating, because it is true. Your fictional existence has made my life worth to live. (You guys may erase the caption if you reblog this, this is just me spilling out my feels.))