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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for adragonprince - just how big is this thing anyway




From the Prince & Knight AU yorunaka, pixelatedlemi, and I are working on! Lemi designed Prince!Eijun so I got to design Prince!Furuya~~♥

Some rough drawings. Some doodles. But mostly quick and unfinished colors and shading! 8P

So, here we have Furuya! A prince from a neighboring kingdom! They’re located in a very mountainous area up north and apparently it’s very cold!

The challenge (or not) in doing this design is making it distinctly different from the style of clothing from Eijun’s kingdom—-While keeping it a certain way that it’s believable that they’re from the same realm? I dunno. I just had fun and I think the design sense is very much… me. HAHA.

Oh! And I made my own pattern ‘cause re-drawing that lining is gonna be a b*tch. OTL

I wish I could’ve added more contrast in some area’s but the cold slightly monochrome color scheme just looked too good. =u=;;

I actually have a bunch of random sketches from this AU. Maybe I’ll go ask Yoru & Lemi if I can share some here. 8P


i COMPLETELY forgot i did this but a lil while ago i watched masamune’s senbasa 4 story route and got halfway thru doodling a summary for it


Girl and her dragon growing up and growing old together and stuff. ( I picture dragons having very long lives so it would suck making human friends OTL ) It started as just the first pic but then I wanted to draw the dragon after it hatched and then it just continued from then on…

I am sure its by no means an original concept so I’m gonna add mine to the pile of mythical creature friendships  :)

I’m having a horrible artblock so I’m just finishing up doodles I did at work over 4-5 months ago or something OTL

twitter doodles ahaha


new oc idek


Artist is Natsu Mikan / なつ みかん






by ╭(°ㅂ°`)╮


ろぐ by やにま


by SB


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the time I’ve spent with you~~

Artist: なぎ(pixiv)

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